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 Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger is the resolution to the digital age’s problem of extensive phone bills. A common problem with people is that they’ll be in the middle of a rather heated texting conversation and don’t realise just how many texts they’re sending. By the end of the month the bill comes through the letter box and you’re hit with a massive expense because you’ve gone over your monthly allowance.

Whatsapp messenger allows you to instantly send text messages to other Whatsapp users completely free as long as you have an internet connection. Some mobile providers will limit the amount of data youWhatsapp Messenger Iface can use each month, but luckily Whatsapp uses less than 1kb per message which means that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll go over your monthly limit using their service!

Whatsapp’s offers many benefits to using their service as opposed to using a standard texting or another instant messenger, such as:

- The ability to message people across various different platforms. Other messaging apps don’t allow you to text other people on different operating systems. So for example a Blackberry user wouldn’t be able to text somebody through an app that was using an iPhone. The great part about Whatsapp, apart from the fact that it’s free, is that you aren’t restricted to texting people on the same operating system as you!

- The majority of apps that you can download today are extremely battery intensive and usually require you to charge your phone several times a day just to keep the app up and running constantly. Whatsapp boasts the fact that it runs at the same battery intensity as your standard messaging app. This means that you’ll be able to run Whatsapp and use it to communicate day and night without the need to charge your phone constantly which is a great addition to the app!

- Whatsapp costs just $1 as the initial purchase fee and nothing past that. Competing apps charge either a monthly fee or have an extensive initial cost to cover the expense of servers to send and receive the messages to and from, but Whatsapp has such a large userbase that they’re able to charge $1 which more than covers their costs.

- This $1 also means that they’re able to run the service without the need for ads across the app which means that your experience using the app is great throughout. This not only means that you’ll be able to enjoy using the app to talk to your friends, family and anybody else constantly for the years to come!

 Whatsapp Messenger For Smartphone

If you aren’t looking to use the app on a smartphone or tablet then you now have the option to use Whatsapp messenger on your Windows PC! The unofficial app has been released and is now available for public use! Here’s what is it:

As mentioned before you can build up extensive charges on your phone by having lengthy text conversations with your friends and family members. You can quite easily go over your limit which is where Whatsapp comes in. Beforehand you could only use it on your smartphone and text other smartphone users. It then developed out to tablets with a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, but it’s now available on PC.

You can send and receive texts from smartphone or tablet users directly to your computer much like Facebook messenger or the recently deleted MSN messenger. You can then save money on your text charges and avoid an extensive phone bill which can break your bank in just a month.

Now, let’s move on to exactly why you’d choose to use Whatsapp messenger on your computer as opposed to on your phone. A smartphone is easier to carry round and instantly chat to your friends but don’t be fooled, having the app available on your computer is a great addition.

The first reason why you might want to install Whatsapp messenger on your phone is because your computer monitor is a lot bigger than your phone screen. This will let you look at photos and videos that have been sent to you by friends or family members at a greater resolution which should then improve the quality and your own viewing experience.

Another part of this benefit is the fact that if one of your friends or family members linked you a website through Whatsapp messenger then you’ll have to struggle to use the mobile website version. If you chose to download the PC version of Whatsapp then you’ll be able to utilise the original website which usually functions better than the mobile website, which lets you view websites without squinting or struggling to read content. Your own viewer experience should then improve and you’ll be a lot more comfortable, which is always a great thing to experience.

Another great part of using Whatsapp messenger on PC is that you never have to worry about running out of battery. Even though the Whatsapp messenging app for smartphones isn’t battery intensive it still drains your juice regardless. If you install and use Whatsapp messenger on your PC then you can exchange pictures, videos and an endless stream of texts without the worrying about having low battery if you ever need to make an emergency call or anything else. This means that you’ll never have to worry about the conversation you’ve been having ending prematurely and it’ll last for as long as your PC stays alive!

An issue that the owners of Whatsapp had when they created the PC version of their app is the fact that their user base is purely on smartphones and tablet devices, so they had no reason to make a big announcement about the development of their PC version so it went unheard of.

Another problem that Whatsapp had when they created the PC version of their messaging app is the fact that it can be impossible to port a mobile version of something over to a full desktop version. The development stage of the desktop version of their app showed that this problem was something that they would have to get over and a year or so passed before the beta stage of the app had passed and they released the mobile version.

Before we move onto how you can install the desktop version of Whatsapp messenger we’ll discuss some of the security concerns that users are currently experiencing.

- Some users are struggling to believe that the desktop version of Whatsapp is a legit version which functions the same as the smartphone app. After the full year of the development stage of their app you can be certain that the desktop version functions at an exceptional rate and works the same as the smartphone version!

- As with any software, users are concerned that the desktop version of Whatsapp messenger may install a keylogger or a general virus onto their system which may then open them up to further security concerns. The emulation of Whatsapp messenger has been security tested for several different security loopholes which may affect your user experience which means that you can install the desktop version without any concerns for your safety.

To install the desktop version of Whatsapp messenger then you need to do the following:

- The initial download that you’ll need to do is to get “Bluestacks Android Emulator”. This software has been used for the past few years to run Android java apps on your desktop or laptop without any concerns for computing power or crashes of the actual apps themselves. Bluestacks Android Emulator is the number one way to run java apps on your desktop and has been used by over 1 million people since its release which shows that this platform is functional and trusted.

- Once you’ve installed Bluestacks Android Emulator onto your desktop then you need to run the program and click into the search bar. From here you can search for “Whatsapp messenger” and begin downloading your messenging app straight to your desktop.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of the app due to the fact that it’sWhatsapp Messenger Installed running through an emulator then don’t be afraid, this version of Whatsapp messaging service is extremely popular and used by hundreds of thousands of people on their PCs, so if the reviews of the app don’t prove how great it is then nothing else will.

- Once you’ve installed the app you can then begin texting your family and friends straight from your computer.  Much like the smartphone version of Whatsapp messenger you can share photos, videos and audio files through the emulated version of Whatsapp mesenger.

- You can even personalise your emulated desktop Whatsapp Messenger profile to reflect exactly who you are. This includes profile picture, personal status (such as available, busy, burning the pizza in the kitchen…) and you can even make yourself appear offline so that you can avoid talking to people when you’re truly busy.

So if you’re looking to get a desktop version of Whatsapp messenger then follow these tips!

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